International Fireworks Festival Danang 2017 lasted nearly 2 months

DNDT-morning of 5-12, Da Nang City People’s Committee and SUN Group held a press conference officially announced the International Fireworks Festival 2017 Da Nang (Da Nang International Firework Festival – DIFF 2017).

With the theme “Shining Marble”, DIFF 2017 with the participation of 8 teams from countries Australia, Italy, UK, Austria, China, Japan, Switzerland and Vietnam. The festival will take place in nearly 2 months, from October to the end of 24-6 29-4. This is one of the fireworks festival with the largest scale in Asia with more active companion, response and will become colorful festivals throughout summer 2017.
According to the organizers, DIFF 2017 will be submitted held on Saturday every week, inspired by images Marble, with 5 nights of fireworks named Mars – Saturn – Kim – Mercury – Jupiter. Space is the stage fireworks Marble in position before the Novotel, Bach Dang Street, was staged under the leading technology in sound, lighting and fireworks.